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Alliance partners turn up the heat on Ghosn

Nissan and Mitsubishi are now weighing a civil suit seeking damages from the ousted chairman, apart from the potential prison time he faces in his criminal cases.

Ford rethinks Level 3 autonomy

In 2016, Ford said it would largely pass over Level 3 autonomy, but now it's embracing a more gradual approach to fully autonomous vehicles.

Kia and Cadillac join three-row circus

How will the Telluride, XT6 and others make their mark in a category that's already brimming with three-row crossover options?

High-tech's Israeli military connection

Defending the small nation of Israel fostered technologies for seeing objects in the dark, protecting assets from cyber attack and deploying AI. It just so happens that the world auto industry now needs some help in those fields.

It's showtime for self-driving shuttles

A number of key global suppliers have moved the ball on self-driving shuttles. Commercial vehicles might be an easier and more receptive starting point for the technologies.